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Lordsheen is the undisputed best World of Tanks player in the world. After practicing for 12 hours every day for many months, lordsheen has achieved a level of skill that has never been seen before. If you want to achieve a similar level of skill, you should play World of Tanks for 12 hours every day and watch lordsheen’s stream on twitch.

To contact lordsheen, simply send a message through the Discord server.

Lordsheen’s Achievements

  • 5800+ scout medals earned
  • 100k+ battles with 0 battles in artillery
  • Played 633 battles in a single day
  • Played 8749 battles in a single month
  • Earned 40.5 million credits in a single day
  • Streamed WoT on Twitch for over 4000 hours total
  • Had a 36-hour-long session
  • Helped over 80 players join clans for Clan Wars
  • Got a T95/FV4201 Chieftain while in the [SHEEN] clan
  • Commander of 70+ clans on the NA server
  • Elite tech tree and 58 tier 10 non-SPG vehicles in the garage
  • Played the Chieftain 700+ times and ended every match with 0 health
  • 300m credits, 2500 blueprints, 2.5m earned free xp, 15.5m convertible xp, and 92k bonds

Other Achievements (some are unconfirmed)

  • Getting bonds removed from medals, and consequently, getting the weekly bond cap per tier 10 vehicle added to the game
  • Getting Reward for Merit removed
  • Getting unsportsmanlike conduct rules added to the NA server
  • Getting a personalized email from customer support regarding playstyle
  • Getting 14 days of premium time from the customer support manager
  • Getting hit rate changed so that shooting teammates no longer increases hit rate
  • Getting the number of credit boosters from missions and events reduced
  • Getting the T-22 medium tank added to the Black Market 2021 event
  • Bringing a few dozen new players to WoT
  • Enhancing the experience of 2-3 million other players in battle

Some of the possible achievements related to game changes are confirmed and some others cannot be confirmed. Unfortunately, the game developers that lordsheen is in contact with are unable to provide all of the answers. Another thing to note is that automatic sanctions for chat offenses was implemented shortly after the unsportsmanlike conduct rules were added. This suggests that NA customer support might have gained some power when they were getting the unsportsmanlike conduct rules implemented.

Lordsheen has suicide scouted for over 60k battles. Primarily at tiers 8 and 10. Tier 8 vehicles are the best for farming credits and tier 10 vehicles were the best for farming bonds. The NA server for World of Tanks has over 150,000 unique players playing every day, and lordsheen is one of very few people who was recognized in almost every match. The vast majority of interactions between lordsheen and other players has been positive. Lordsheen’s community is known as one of the good-natured groups in World of Tanks, and they will continue spreading their kindness and hospitality until there is no more toxicity in WoT.

Lordsheen’s Computer Specs

CPUIntel Core i9-10900K 3.7 GHz 10-Core Processor
CPU CoolerARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 56.3 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler
MotherboardAsus PRIME Z490-A ATX LGA1200 Motherboard
RAMG.Skill Ripjaws V 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory
SSDSamsung 970 Evo 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
External HDDWestern Digital My Book 3 TB External Hard Drive
GPUGigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB Vision OC Video Card
CasePhanteks Enthoo Pro Tempered Glass ATX Full Tower Case
OSWindows 10 – Digital license from Windows 7 OEM through Microsoft account
PSUGigabyte P GM 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
Case Fans2x Noctua P14s redux-1500 PWM 78.69 CFM 140 mm Fan
2x Noctua S12B redux-1200 PWM 59.1 CFM 120 mm Fan
2x Phanteks 140mm Fan (from the computer case)
Monitor #1Pixio PX329 31.5″ 2560×1440 165 Hz Monitor
Monitor #2Acer H236HL 23″ 1920×1080 60 Hz Monitor
KeyboardCorsair K55 RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard
MouseRedragon Perdition Wired Laser Mouse (PERDITION3 M901-2)
HeadphonesKingston HyperX Cloud Alpha S 7.1 Channel Headset
UPSCyberPower LX1500GU-FC UPS (1500 VA / 900 W)
MousepadGlorious PC Gaming Race Mauspad Extended 914 x 279 mm (36″x11″)

Lordsheen's Tanks

Here are all of Lordsheen's tanks in World of Tanks!
USALight TankXXM551 Sheridan
USAMedium TankXM48A5 Patton
USAHeavy TankXT110E5
USAHeavy TankXT57 Heavy Tank
USATank DestroyerXT110E4
USATank DestroyerXT110E3
USSRLight TankXT-100 LT
USSRMedium TankXT-62A
USSRMedium TankXObject 140
USSRMedium TankXObject 430U
USSRMedium TankXK-91
USSRMedium Tank (Premium)XT-22 medium
USSRHeavy TankXIS-4
USSRHeavy TankXIS-7
USSRHeavy TankXObject 705A
USSRHeavy TankXObject 277
USSRTank DestroyerXObject 268
USSRTank DestroyerXObject 268 Version 4
GERMANYLight TankXRheinmetall Panzerwagen
GERMANYMedium TankXE 50 Ausf. M
GERMANYMedium TankXLeopard 1
GERMANYHeavy TankXMaus
GERMANYHeavy TankXE 100
GERMANYHeavy TankXPz.Kpfw. VII
GERMANYTank DestroyerXJagdpanzer E 100
GERMANYTank DestroyerXGrille 15
CHINALight TankXWZ-132-1
CHINAMedium TankX121
CHINAHeavy TankX113
CHINAHeavy TankXWZ-111 model 5A
CHINAHeavy Tank (Premium)XWZ-111 Qilin
CHINATank DestroyerXWZ-113G FT
FRANCELight TankXAMX 13 105
FRANCELight TankXPanhard EBR 105
FRANCEMedium TankXBat.-Châtillon 25 t
FRANCEMedium TankXAMX 30 B
FRANCEHeavy TankXAMX M4 mle. 54
FRANCETank Destroyer (Premium)XAMX 50 Foch (155)
FRANCETank DestroyerXAMX 50 Foch B
UKLight TankXManticore
UKMedium TankXCenturion Action X
UKHeavy TankXSuper Conqueror
UKHeavy Tank (Premium)XT95/FV4201 Chieftain
UKTank Destroyer (Premium)XFV215b (183)
UKTank DestroyerXFV4005 Stage II
UKTank DestroyerXFV217 Badger
JAPANMedium TankXSTB-1
JAPANHeavy TankXType 5 Heavy
CZECHMedium TankXTVP T 50/51
SWEDENMedium TankXUDES 15/16
SWEDENHeavy TankXKranvagn
SWEDENTank DestroyerXStrv 103B
POLANDMedium TankXCS-63
POLANDHeavy TankX60TP Lewandowskiego
ITALYMedium TankXProgetto M40 mod. 65
ITALYHeavy TankXRinoceronte
USALight TankIXT49
USAMedium TankIXM46 Patton
USAHeavy TankIXM103
USAHeavy TankIXT54E1
USAHeavy Tank (Premium)IXAE Phase I
USATank DestroyerIXT30
USATank DestroyerIXT95
USSRMedium TankIXT-54
USSRMedium TankIXObject 430 Version II
USSRMedium TankIXObject 430
USSRHeavy TankIXT-10
USSRHeavy TankIXObject 257
USSRHeavy TankIXObject 705
USSRHeavy Tank (Premium)IXObject 777 Version II
USSRTank DestroyerIXObject 704
USSRTank DestroyerIXObject 263
GERMANYLight TankIXSpähpanzer Ru 251
GERMANYMedium TankIXE 50
GERMANYMedium TankIXLeopard Prototyp A
GERMANYHeavy TankIXVK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B
GERMANYHeavy TankIXMäuschen
GERMANYTank DestroyerIXJagdtiger
GERMANYTank DestroyerIXWaffenträger auf Pz. IV
CHINAMedium TankIXWZ-120
CHINAHeavy TankIXWZ-111 model 1-4
CHINATank DestroyerIXWZ-111G FT
FRANCELight TankIXAMX 13 90
FRANCELight TankIXPanhard EBR 90
FRANCEMedium TankIXBat.-Châtillon 25 t AP
FRANCEMedium TankIXAMX 30 1er prototype
FRANCEMedium Tank (Premium)IXChar Futur 4
FRANCEHeavy TankIXAMX 50 120
FRANCEHeavy TankIXAMX M4 mle. 51
FRANCETank DestroyerIXAMX 50 Foch
UKHeavy TankIXConqueror
UKTank DestroyerIXFV4004 Conway
UKTank DestroyerIXTortoise
JAPANMedium TankIXType 61
SWEDENTank DestroyerIXStrv 103-0
POLANDMedium TankIXCS-59
POLANDHeavy TankIX50TP Tyszkiewicza
ITALYMedium TankIXPrototipo Standard B
ITALYHeavy TankIXProgetto C50 mod. 66
USALight Tank (Premium)VIIIT92
USAMedium Tank (Premium)VIIIT25 Pilot Number 1
USAMedium Tank (Premium)VIIITL-1 LPC
USAHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIIChrysler K GF
USAHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIIM54 Renegade
USATank DestroyerVIIIT28
USATank DestroyerVIIIT28 Prototype
USSRLight Tank (Premium)VIIILT-432
USSRMedium Tank (Premium)VIIIT-44-100
USSRHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIIObject 252U Defender
USSRHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIIIS-6 B
USSRTank DestroyerVIIIISU-152
USSRTank DestroyerVIIISU-101
GERMANYLight Tank (Premium)VIIIleKpz M 41 90 mm GF
GERMANYMedium Tank (Premium)VIIISchwarzpanzer 58
GERMANYMedium Tank (Premium)VIIIPanther mit 8,8 cm L/71
GERMANYHeavy TankVIIIVK 100.01 (P)
GERMANYHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIIE 75 TS
GERMANYTank DestroyerVIIIJagdpanther II
GERMANYTank DestroyerVIIIRhm.-Borsig Waffenträger
CHINAMedium Tank (Premium)VIII122 TM
CHINATank Destroyer (Premium)VIIIWZ-120-1G FT
FRANCELight Tank (Premium)VIIIPanhard EBR 75 (FL 10)
FRANCEMedium Tank (Premium)VIIIBat.-Châtillon Bourrasque
FRANCEMedium Tank (Premium)VIIIAMX Chasseur de chars
FRANCEHeavy TankVIIIAMX 50 100
FRANCEHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIIAMX M4 mle. 49
FRANCETank DestroyerVIIIAMX AC mle. 48
FRANCETank Destroyer (Premium)VIIIAMX Canon d'assaut 105
UKMedium Tank (Premium)VIIIFV4202
UKHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIICaernarvon Action X
UKTank DestroyerVIIICharioteer
UKTank Destroyer (Premium)VIIIGSOR 1008
UKTank Destroyer (Premium)VIIITurtle Mk. I
SWEDENMedium TankVIIIUDES 14 Alt 5
POLANDMedium Tank (Premium)VIIICS-52 LIS
ITALYMedium TankVIIIP.44 Pantera
ITALYHeavy TankVIIIProgetto CC55 mod. 54
USALight TankVIIT71 DA
USAMedium Tank (Premium)VIIT23E3
USAHeavy TankVIIT29
USATank Destroyer (Premium)VIIM56 Scorpion
USATank Destroyer (Premium)VIIT28 Concept
USATank Destroyer (Premium)VIISuper Hellcat
USSRMedium TankVIIKV-13
USSRHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIIS-2 shielded
USSRHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIIS-2M
GERMANYMedium Tank (Premium)VIIPanther/M10
CHINALight Tank (Premium)VIIType 62
UKHeavy Tank (Premium)VIIFV201 (A45)
UKTank Destroyer (Premium)VIIAT 15A
ITALYHeavy TankVIICarro d'assalto P.88
USALight TankVIT21
USALight Tank (Premium)VIM24E2 Super Chaffee
USAMedium TankVIM4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo
USAMedium Tank (Premium)VIM4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII
USSRLight TankVIMT-25
USSRLight Tank (Premium)VIT-50-2
USSRMedium Tank (Premium)VIT-34-85M
USSRHeavy TankVIKV-85
USSRHeavy TankVIKV-2
USSRTank Destroyer (Premium)VISU-100Y
GERMANYMedium TankVIVK 30.01 (D)
GERMANYHeavy Tank (Premium)VITiger 131
CHINALight Tank (Premium)VIType 64
FRANCEMedium Tank (Premium)VIBretagne Panther
FRANCEMedium Tank (Premium)VIM4A1 FL 10
UKLight Tank (Premium)VIA46
UKMedium TankVISherman Firefly
UKHeavy Tank (Premium)VITOG II*
UKTank DestroyerVIChurchill Gun Carrier
UKTank Destroyer (Premium)VIExcalibur
JAPANHeavy Tank (Premium)VIHeavy Tank No. VI
SWEDENMedium Tank (Premium)VIStrv m/42-57 Alt A.2
USALight TankVM7
USALight TankVM24 Chaffee
USAHeavy Tank (Premium)VT14
USATank DestroyerVT67
USSRLight TankVT-50
USSRHeavy Tank (Premium)VChurchill III
GERMANYMedium TankVPz.Kpfw. III/IV
GERMANYMedium Tank (Premium)VPz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
GERMANYMedium Tank (Premium)VTurán III prototípus
GERMANYTank DestroyerVPz.Sfl. IVc
GERMANYTank Destroyer (Premium)VStuG IV
FRANCEMedium TankVRenault G1
FRANCETank Destroyer (Premium)VM10 RBFM
UKMedium TankVSherman III
UKMedium Tank (Premium)VMatilda Black Prince
UKMedium Tank (Premium)VValiant
JAPANMedium Tank (Premium)VType 3 Chi-Nu Kai
JAPANHeavy TankVO-I Experimental
USAMedium TankIVM3 Lee
USATank DestroyerIVT40
USSRLight TankIVT-80
USSRLight Tank (Premium)IVValentine II
USSRTank DestroyerIVSU-85B
GERMANYLight TankIVPz.Kpfw. II Luchs
GERMANYLight TankIVPz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A.
GERMANYMedium TankIVVK 20.01 (D)
GERMANYMedium TankIVPz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D
GERMANYHeavy TankIVDurchbruchswagen 2
GERMANYTank DestroyerIVJagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer
GERMANYTank DestroyerIVMarder 38T
GERMANYTank Destroyer (Premium)IVPz.Sfl. IC
UKMedium TankIVGrant
UKTank DestroyerIVAlecto
JAPANLight TankIVType 5 Ke-Ho
JAPANHeavy TankIVType 95 Heavy
SWEDENMedium TankIVLago
USALight Tank (Premium)IIIM22 Locust
USAMedium TankIIIM2 Medium Tank
USATank DestroyerIIIT56 GMC
USSRLight TankIIIT-46
USSRLight Tank (Premium)IIIT-116
USSRLight Tank (Premium)IIIBT-SV
USSRLight Tank (Premium)IIIT-127
USSRLight Tank (Premium)IIIBT-7 artillery
USSRMedium Tank (Premium)IIIT-29
GERMANYLight TankIIIPz.Kpfw. 38 (t)
GERMANYLight TankIIIPz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C
GERMANYLight Tank (Premium)IIIPz.Kpfw. T 15
GERMANYMedium TankIIIPz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A
GERMANYTank DestroyerIIIMarder II
CHINATank DestroyerIIIM3G FT
FRANCETank Destroyer (Premium)IIIFCM 36 Pak 40
FRANCETank DestroyerIIIRenault UE 57
UKLight TankIIIStuart I-IV
UKLight TankIIICruiser Mk. III
UKMedium TankIIIVickers Medium Mk. III
JAPANLight TankIIIType 98 Ke-Ni
JAPANHeavy TankIIIType 91 Heavy
SWEDENTank DestroyerIIIIkv 72
USAMedium TankIIT2 Medium Tank
USATank DestroyerIIT3 HMC
USSRLight TankIIT-26
USSRLight Tank (Premium)IIT-45
USSRTank DestroyerIIAT-1
GERMANYLight TankIIPz.Kpfw. 35 (t)
GERMANYLight TankIIPz.Kpfw. I
GERMANYTank DestroyerIIPanzerjäger I
CHINATank DestroyerIIT-26G FT
FRANCELight TankIIHotchkiss H35
FRANCELight TankIIRenault R35
FRANCELight Tank (Premium)IIAMR 35
FRANCETank DestroyerIIRenault FT AC
UKLight TankIIM2
UKMedium TankIIVickers Medium Mk. II
UKTank DestroyerIIUniversal Carrier 2-pdr
JAPANLight Tank (Premium)IIType 97 Te-Ke
JAPANMedium TankIIChi-Ni
JAPANMedium TankIIType 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro
SWEDENTank DestroyerIIPvlvv fm/42
POLANDLight Tank (Premium)IITKS z n.k.m. 20 mm
ITALYLight TankIIL6/40
USALight TankIT1 Cunningham
USSRLight TankIMS-1
GERMANYLight TankILeichttraktor
UKLight TankICruiser Mk. I
UKMedium TankIVickers Medium Mk. I
CZECHLight TankIKolohousenka

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