The website could use something to retain users for a longer period of time and to get more returning users.

I could probably have a website currency like “Sheen Coins.” The system could be like:
– 100 Sheen Coins for visiting each day
– 10 Sheen Coins for every 10 minutes spent on the website
– 1000 Sheen Coins for referring other people – Awarded after the referred user has earned 600 Sheen Coins from spending time on the website. Progress is shown to both users.
– Bonus Sheen Coins for login streaks – Milestone increases each day visited. Resets after 3 days of not visiting. It should clearly show milestones and their rewards.
– Maybe allow users to transfer Sheen Coins to each other.
– Maybe have contests and award Sheen Coins to the winner(s).
– Leaderboard shows users with the most referrals, most time, and most Sheen Coins.
– This system should not require moderation or intervention by myself or anyone else.

Q: “If this system gets implemented, why should I care about Sheen Coins?”
A: Other than “Bigger is better” and bragging about your position on the leaderboard, I don’t know. At the time of writing this, I don’t have any ideas for what Sheen Coins could be used for.

The website could have more social features, such as:
– Live chatroom
– User profiles with customization options
– Friends list
– Instant messenger for friends