– Start off with some lordsheen info
– Hyperlink to super mega long autobiography (hopefully 12,000+ words lmfao)
– YouTube/Twitch/Twitter/Discord links
– Website info
– Contributors – Website maintainers, people who let me post their WoT guides, etc. I might require them to write a couple of sentences about themselves for them to be included.
– Testimonies – Audio clips from people who are (relatively) known in the WoT community and appear to be speaking highly of lordsheen. “The lordsheen experience” twitch clip from Haglar, something from Dakillzor’s 10k youtube subs video, praise from Stewy__, praise from CabMech, and something from chems. I wish I had the twitch clip of SteelGuysInTN saying “lordsheen wins again!,” but it no longer exists on twitch. Guido1212’s interview of 4Free might have something I can use. I might be able to find clips from iyouxin, Muscles1_TV, TRUvoodoo, and ClausKellerman. I don’t think I would be able to find clips from German_Intelligence, DarkNinja__, O_P_Hacker, WarChildWins, DamiensGaming, selaWoT, Waikin_, CarryBarry_, kajzoo, eekeeboo, or JayRated.