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    Hail, Friends of Wargaming. Lordsheen here.

    These are my current plans for

      Create guides – New player guide, global map guide, how to get unicum wn8 guide, etc.
      Create various calculators – Track repair time calculator, camouflage value calculator, etc.
      Create images to be used on the World of Tanks forums as signatures
      Advertise the website by sending clan invites every day – I’m currently the commander of 12 NA clans and 1 EU clan. (Clans are limited to 100 invites per day)
      Create a Minecraft server, list it on a couple of websites, and reward players who vote.

    So… The main selling point of this website will probably be various resources and tools that visitors could use to find information that they’re looking for, or just to learn more about WoT in general. Guides will also be available for people who want to gain knowledge or improve their performance in World of Tanks. I’m also interested in making a World of Tanks map viewer similar to, but that will likely be far into the future.

    If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to reply below.

    Lordsheen over and out.

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    I realized the homepage of this website looks a bit bland. I’ll add some images to it after I make some guides and stuff.

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    /twitch-subscribers/ also looks bland. It could use one or two images.
    /entertainment/ feels like it’s lacking. Right now it’s just embedded videos from my YouTube channel.
    /about/ could use more content. I’m thinking about writing an autobiography about my career of being the best World of Tanks player.
    TODO: Add discord, streamlabs, and patreon logos in the sidebar icons.

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    – Start off with some lordsheen info
    – Hyperlink to super mega long autobiography (hopefully 12,000+ words lmfao)
    – YouTube/Twitch/Twitter/Discord links
    – Website info
    – Contributors – Website maintainers, people who let me post their WoT guides, etc. I might require them to write a couple of sentences about themselves for them to be included.
    – Testimonies – Audio clips from people who are (relatively) known in the WoT community and appear to be speaking highly of lordsheen. “The lordsheen experience” twitch clip from Haglar, something from Dakillzor’s 10k youtube subs video, praise from Stewy__, praise from CabMech, and something from chems. I wish I had the twitch clip of SteelGuysInTN saying “lordsheen wins again!,” but it no longer exists on twitch. Guido1212’s interview of 4Free might have something I can use. I might be able to find clips from iyouxin, Muscles1_TV, TRUvoodoo, and ClausKellerman. I don’t think I would be able to find clips from German_Intelligence, DarkNinja__, O_P_Hacker, WarChildWins, DamiensGaming, selaWoT, Waikin_, CarryBarry_, kajzoo, eekeeboo, or JayRated.

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    maybe have /screenshots/ (or /image-gallery/):
    – WoT images
    – Lordsheen fan art
    – Off-topic images

    maybe have /merch/

    probably rename /twitch-subscribers/ to something like /supporters/

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    The website could use something to retain users for a longer period of time and to get more returning users.

    I could probably have a website currency like “Sheen Coins.” The system could be like:
    – 100 Sheen Coins for visiting each day
    – 10 Sheen Coins for every 10 minutes spent on the website
    – 1000 Sheen Coins for referring other people – Awarded after the referred user has earned 600 Sheen Coins from spending time on the website. Progress is shown to both users.
    – Bonus Sheen Coins for login streaks – Milestone increases each day visited. Resets after 3 days of not visiting. It should clearly show milestones and their rewards.
    – Maybe allow users to transfer Sheen Coins to each other.
    – Maybe have contests and award Sheen Coins to the winner(s).
    – Leaderboard shows users with the most referrals, most time, and most Sheen Coins.
    – This system should not require moderation or intervention by myself or anyone else.

    Q: “If this system gets implemented, why should I care about Sheen Coins?”
    A: Other than “Bigger is better” and bragging about your position on the leaderboard, I don’t know. At the time of writing this, I don’t have any ideas for what Sheen Coins could be used for.

    The website could have more social features, such as:
    – Live chatroom
    – User profiles with customization options
    – Friends list
    – Instant messenger for friends

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    Sheencoins, customizable users profiles, and user groups (similar to groups on Roblox) are very attractive ideas, but I’m not sure if I can make it a reality with the way the website is currently set up. Re-designing the website might be good.
    This website uses the starter cpanel hosting plan from GoDaddy. It only has one database and I’m currently using it for website backups. I’m not sure if Sheencoins would need to use the database or if it could use an alternative method of storing data. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    I reckon I might add feature some WoT youtubers over at the Entertainment webpage. Chems, Dakillzor, iyouxin, skill4ltu, and a few more.
    Preferably youtube channels that are 99% WoT videos and contain mostly guides, event overview videos, or pure entertainment.
    I’ll probably avoid youtube channels that simply showcase unedited replays and do not provide commentary that could help other players get better at the game.

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    I added reCAPTCHA to account registration, comments sections, etc., made a little announcement banner above the navigation menu, and deleted 12,600 member accounts. I never made the registration link for the website public prior to today, so all 12,600 accounts were probably advertising bots that simply advertise their own websites and products by making comments and threads.

    It looks like some advertising bots are able to get past reCAPTCHA. The website currently receives about 600 comments per day from them. Bots that make accounts seem to not post any comments.

    I might require website visitors to create accounts for making threads and posting comments in the future, but before I do this, I should make “Register” and “Login” buttons that are clearly visible on every page. Also, if I decide that I want to have more social interaction between users on the website, I might purge the members list again and make a /members/ or /community/ webpage that lists users registered on the website.

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    Added Google AdSense ads to the website. Testing it out for a 1-2 months and then deciding if I want to keep it.

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    Restored the website’s database from April 28 (8 days ago). I used SQL to try to change and delete some records and somehow messed it up. I re-did pretty much everything I did over the past 8 days. I think the only things missing are about 1.8k pending spam comments and one post in this thread where I made a comment about wanting to change the forms on the website to try to prevent spammers from sending POST requests 🙂

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    maybe more ads for more money?

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    I think more ads for more money would be a great idea!

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