Объект 140 situational at best

Going for second mark on 140, I have realised such is not so good as people say, in my opinion. It is situational. What do you guys think?

Performance for me is now either 6000 combined or 700 damage, no ‘average’ or ‘in between’ game. Around 2/3 of this damage comes from 470 meter view range coated optics, other 1/3 from gun.

Gun trolls me like crazy even with bond stabilizer.

Armour does not work at tier ten with 7 degree gun depression, Heat goes straight through your face. It is more of peek and shoot rather than go hull down. It is difficult to use rate of fire because of this.

Overall it is more sniper at tier 10, unlike t54 can brawl at tier 9.

Seeing other players I realised second mark is not common on majority of 140 tanks. Is it difficult to get?

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