1.13 Arty HE changes broken?

Arty shoots you. Shot land near you. You receive some splash damage. Your crew gets stunned for a few seconds. 3 of your crew dies. You cry because it killed 2 loaders and your gunner and you only have a small medkit.

1.13 Arty changes in a nutshell in case you missed:
Arty now has 3 shell type:Standard – Lower penetration, lower damage, big splash damage, and stun. No damage to crew or modules when not penetrating.High damage – Higher penetration, higher damage, smaller splash, NO stun. Can damage crew and modules.AP – Highest penetration, high damage, no splash, no stun. Can damage crew and modules just like any AP shell in the game.

How is it possible, that a splash received from arty, can still stun, and knock out 3 of my crew with only 81 splash damage? Also just noticed that even though he killed 3 crew members, the game only counted 2 critical damages.
If I’m missing something, then by all means point it out to me. This has happened on multiple occasions since patch 1.13 and looks like it still keeps happening.

Extra material:
Link for the full 1.13 update patch notes: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/update-1-13-spg-changes/#reworked
Here’s a short clip showing the scene: https://youtu.be/Xv-We5ihxl0
And here is an image showing how far the arty splashed from me, using Battle Hits: https://imgur.com/a/an9W6xT

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