1.22 Buffs and Nerfs , Super Conqueror next candidate?

We have learned that war gaming has now decided to rebalance many of the tanks in the game. There was the first wave in update 1.22. The next wave could come in late 2023 or early 2024.

Probably the first candidate will be the Super Conqueror.

Some of the buffs and nerfs are quite justifiable, 279 and Cheaf are really OP tanks. Personally I unlocked the 279 1 week before the nerf, now after the 1.22 update the performance of the tank seems pretty much unchanged to me. Someone complained that the Chieftain has become slow, especially in traverse speed.

However for other balances, I notice how Wargaming decides which tanks to nerf based on their popularity. For example the recent nerf to Project 65, now the tank is unplayable.

So, I really like the Super Conqueror, but I have to admit that in some aspects it really is too OP. If they really plan a nerf to the tank they will definitely increase its reload time (at least by 1 / 1.5 s) or maybe reduce the gun handling.

What do you think of these buffs and nerfs in the 1.22 update? In your opinion what are the next tanks that will be balanced?

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