121B fire chance???

I think they should make the 121B harder to set on fire, it goes up without the fuel tanks even being damaged. This is because it negates player skill, you will always lose at least a 1000 HP so that’s putting you down to a 2 shot at tier 10 and making it impossible to trade and when you put arty into the mix it becomes unplayable.

I have been set on fire 3 games in a row without my fuel tanks being damaged, in the first instance a leo 1 HE penned my coupolar for 600 and burned me for 700, next game a t95 hits me for 775 and burns me for 673.

You see the trend here its too much damage and to instant its more than a deathstar AP round. So I think they should make this tank harder to set on fire preferable taking the fire chance down to 10% instead of 12%

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