1st Tier X for a newb? (I know this has been asked countless times but…)

Well, first of all, thanks for clicking, and surprise surprise, yeah I’m playing soviets, so the thing is:

277, IS-7 or 705A

From what I’ve read on the internet IS-7 is the most noob friendly with it’s trollish armor, but has the worse gun out of the 3, and according to the stats, 277 has worse hull, but better turret armor than the IS-7 and the 705A has both better hull and turret armor (specially on the side of the hull).

And then the gun, IS-7 has the worse of the 3, 277 having the best one in terms of penetration, and 705a having slightly better pen than the IS-7 and the highest alpha of the 3.

So despite (almost) everyone saying that the IS-7 is the most noob friendly, I’m thinking on picking the 705A.

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the 277 is the best one, cause if you are a good player, the better gun wins cause you know how to avoid damage, but I’m a newb and I still get screwed sometimes, that’s why I think the 705a is the best one for me, but then again, tons of people recommending the IS-7.

And also, why nobody ever brings up the IS-4? again looking at the stats, I see that it has better armor than the IS-7, (and when I say looking at the stats, I’m also talking about seeing the 3D model) AND the IS-4 gun, depite dealing less damage than the IS-7, it pens more, and shoots faster, resulting in higher DPM.

So, in short, why does IS-7 get recommended so much over the 705a and why no one ever brings up IS-4?

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