2 years away, Is it Luck or Bait?

So, after not playing the game in a couple of years, I started it up for the holidays.What I’ve noticed is, unlike the holidays ops of (I’d say) 2019, 2020, its extremely easy to get tier 10 village. I love the change!!!
After a couple of days of playing, I fell in love with the game again, of course, like every other addiction it crept up and took over.
Anyway, I decided to buy the 80 mixed box pack…. and now we start talking about luck or some higher power/internet algorithms.After 20 boxes I’ve gotten 2 out of 5 tier 8/9 premiums…. WHAT?!So my though process is, nice… 20 out of 80 boxes 2 premiums… That means at least 1 more in the last 60 boxes with the safety (at least 1 premium in 50 boxes).By the end of all the 80 boxes I bought I’ve gotten all 5 tier 8/9 premiums, 3 out of 5 lower tier prems, 2 more tier 8/premiums converted to gold and 2 or 3 3d styles.
WHAT THE !#[email protected]!Am I being catfished by WG to get back in the game? Or was I just extremely lucky?How much am I missing with SU-2-122 and Harry Hopkins? (only 2 tanks I haven’t gotten)?

(2nd 5box set https://prnt.sc/hhMQpEOH1M1k3rd 5box set https://prnt.sc/iGf7oQ9Pv45E5th or 6th box set https://prnt.sc/rNblmCLoPQYW) WTFFFFF

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