263 VS Nerfed 268v4

Today i was doing nothing and staring at tanks.gg for a hot minutes
and some thing that i thought was stupid comes up when i play with v4
is it just me or 268v4 is just the same as 263 or even worse in some case
Take a look at this

almost the samestat wise stock

Now if u want to play 268v4 it’s almost mandatory to play 268v4 with a turbo because of how slow it is VS my normal setup few months ago when 2 marking my 268v4
i use hardening,improve aiming,and rammer before the nerf
nowadays rammer,hardening and turbo was almost necesary to keep up with many heavies
the hardening was mandatory to not get 1 shot tracked
and the reason for improve aiming for me is because i like my tank to be versatile for everything
but well in the end i almost never snipe with v4 anyway “cus you shouldn’t in the first place”
and hey smaller circle never bad

Armor view of both tanks againts 340 heat from ae phase 1

and from 5 games that i play from both tank on 5 games on both tanks i notice that
263 bounce more shot than my v4
“idk why but might be in asia no one play 263 “thus many do not know how to pen that tank

i was also thinking why not bring back 263 to tier 10 to replace the v4
i legit think that 263 with it’s old dpm and pen it’s better than v4 nowadays
No one complain about 263 armor rightso just change the gun like the good old daysbut hey it’s was just me thinking some stupid shet and want to chat about it

what are u guys think about this
i know you guys are better player than me
so if you do play both of those tank please share your thought
also sorry for my bad england

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