3 day chat ban for saying ‘eek’, ‘ho hum’ and ‘tee hee hee’

I kid you not.

Big_Red_Tomato 2022-08-17 11:52:56 eek!
Big_Red_Tomato 2022-08-17 11:50:52 Ho hum
Big_Red_Tomato 2022-08-17 11:51:00 tee hee hee

For violation of the Game Rules, we have no choice but to give you a temporary chat ban.
We have determined your sanction has been handled properly.

Apparently that’s excessive profanity, or an insult, personal attack or harrassment (who I’m insulting or attacking is not mentioned, so I asked).

I’m genuinely interested in their response, as I supplied dictionary definitions of those words, which – as I helpfully explained – can be found in childrens books and said in churches.

I’ve also asked for examples of appropriate exclamations that I can type when I’m surprised, bored or amused.

Now I’ll probably have my account closed or something, which will at least give me a lot of free time and save me a bit of money, not that I’ve been a whale since the “merge of NA with Asia server” debacle some years back.

I’ll post their reply/explanation here if I get one, but has anyone got any idea why they’d consider kindergarten safe words to be offensive in any possible manner??

And yes, on Asia I’m Big Red Tomato (since that’s what I am, despite being a beta tester).

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