3-Day Play Ban, No Recourse?

Try to log in, get red text saying account banned until Sunday for major game violation(doesn’t specify which). Go to support page to investigate and doesn’t specify there either, just that I’m banned/locked out for ~3 days. Submit ticket(still waiting for response, going on about 9 hours) asking what’s going on. Finally check email and see they sent me an automated message at 2:34 in the morning saying I was “observed pushing an ally into the line of fire.” Not only was there no replay attached(of course), but the “punishment” was instantaneous, without warning, explanation or merit. I don’t do that dumb shit. Ironically if anything, as I explained in a follow up message I doubt anyone will read at this point, I’m the type of dude that will pull up to eat/bounce a shell so my teammate can get back behind cover. I can’t tell if I’m most furious that my sportsmanship is being called into question, the fact that I’m being punished unjustly, or the notion that my account that I’ve invested much into, time as well as money, is vulnerable to phantom bans that pose a risk of potentially killing my account. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else as I was under the impression providing a replay of the alleged violation was SOP, much less having to request to see the evidence upon which this tangible, real world result is founded.

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