3-Marked the Progetto 54 — my first T8 3-Mark — with mostly standard ammo and non-premium consumables!


I had three games where I was around 94.9%. The game that I three-marked it, I did BARELY enough damage to get 95% because — I kid you not — I got my head blown into (tank) viscera at 1420/1500HP with a completely healthy ammorack by a 122 TM. I was furious — and relieved when I saw the 3-mark yippeeyipeeeyippee

This would make it my first ever T8 3-mark (on a non-collectors or rare vehicle). I quite enjoyed it, actually. A very interesting tank.

The Progetto 54 is best played as a support tank. I was actually kinda disappointed when I fully upgraded it at first because it has mediocre gun handling and aim time, and I just kept missing my shots with it. The key with this tank is to find spots where you can preaim. I can elaborate more if anybody would like. I’m actually just an above average player with 52.6% overall and 55% recent; I’m using standard equipment and standard ammo most of the time too. I haven’t spent a penny on this account. So I guess that goes to show you don’t have to be a unicum to 3-mark even sort of good tanks like these.

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