3D Printed tier 10 tanks

As requested in old thread. When I first got my 3D printer, I started by printing woT tanks for the kids. It was mostly poor quality and fails while I was learning how to use the thing. I went for about 1/35 scale to match the models they already have.

Excuse the toys, I am not allowed to move the tanks because they are in a critical battle for the bedroom… Ahh, those were the days!

E5 and E3 holding the matchbox bunker

E4 and AE1 (must say the AE Phase 1 looks unique)

T57 (My old in game Fav) with a 1B. Where the hell would the crew fit in the 1B??

Type 5 with a little French ELC Even 4×120. Saw it, had to make it.

2 French Heavy Bois, M4-54 and 50-120

A mix of all types of sentinel tank….

Including a ‘What if’ heavy hybrid I made


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