3rd Marking Bourrasque

My Current Stats In The Bourrasque, Avg. Dmg. 1840, Avg. Asist 660

How on earth did you guys manage to get the third mark of excellence on your Borats? I’m desperate for any tips or something I might be missing?

I typically run turbo with bounty irm and bounty vstabs, but I’m trying cvs/optics instead of turbo now. I’m finally past where I was stuck (85% moe), at 87%… I don’t want to mess this up for like the third time.

Those of you who managed the third mark, what tips can you give me? What was your equipment loadout? How did you deal with the 3 minute games that constantly happen? What are your strategies?

I’m VERY experienced in the Borat as it is my most played tank. I only recently decided to try marking it, but my guess is that the top 5% who’ve got the 3rd moe are playing differently than I am. Possibly scouting more? Playing more passive? More aggressive?

After such a long time of trying to get the 3rd, I just have to get people’s advice and/or tips on how they did it.

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