4 Months Later | Concept 5 Rebalacing Suggestion

As the title implies, i’ll be listing the changes i’ve compiled after running a survey in this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/17wmaa4/4_months_later_the_concept_5_survey/

Survey Results so Far.

Keep in mind the survey also had questions with written answers about different balancing aspects, these are just the graphs. (Surprisingly, 42% of the players who participated my survey are exceptional players, the other 34% are above average to average and the rest are slightly below average to below average)


Concept 5 | Rebalancing of the British Wheeled Sniper

48.6% winrate with a massive difference of NEGATIVE 3.1-3.6% winrate between actual winrate and expected winrate based on the players playing the tank.


The survey found the Concept 5 to lack DPM which might lead you to think a reasonable choice would be to buff its fire rate but contrary to that, people want a high alpha, hard hitting gun on a mobile platform.
People also suggested the tank gets better penetration values as well as a special premium round in the form of a high penetration HESH round; while i do think a HESH round would be unique and could make dueling the Concept 5 a bit tricky, the choice of increasing its base damage means it doesn’t need a special HESH round.

Damage of AP rounds increased to 480 damage from 430 damage.
Damage of APCR rounds increased to 480 damage from 430 damage.
Damage of HE rounds increased to 560 damage from 515 damage.

Some people are suggesting the Concept 5 gets 500+ damage alpha, 520, 530, 550 even but considering the Concept 5 uses a 110mm gun, you can only go so high before it stops making sense.

Reload Time decreased from 11.45s to 10.9s.
This results in a rate of fire of 5.50 from a previous 5.24.

This now puts the base DPM to 5.50*480 = 2640 DPM making it more in-line with most mediums.
The Leopard 1 gets 2826 base dpm when accounting for crew skill, the STB-1 gets 3127 dpm and the OBJ 140 gets 3034 dpm.

The objective with these changes is to bring the Concept 5’s DPM somewhere in the region of 2700 so it:
1) Can duel other tanks without getting completely smashed.
2) Influence games whenever it needs to.
3) Become comparable to its counter part, the Leopard 1 which does nearly EVERYTHING better than the Concept 5.


The survey found players’s frustration with the Concept’s mobility, especially the maximum wheel turning angle, ground resistances as well as its traverse speed; while i don’t think it needs massive buffs, the tank does feel sluggish compared to mediums such as the Leopard 1, the STB-1 and the UDES 15/16.

Maximum Wheel Turning angle increased from 6 degrees to 8 degrees.
Traverse speed increased from 41.7 degrees/sec to 44.13 degrees/sec.
Ground Resistance lowered on HARD terrain from 0.96 to 0.78.
Ground Resistance lowered on MEDIUM terrain from 1.26 to 0.92.
Ground Resistance lowered on SOFT terrain from 1.87 to 1.56.

An increased wheel turning angle as well as reduced ground resistance means the Concept 5 will be able to maintain a higher speed across the battlefield.
While some people recommended absurd mobility changes, i personally think the way this tank handles is perfectly okay and unique to its huge nature.
It does turn extremly slow on the spot and the high ground resistances don’t help it either.

Top Speed increased from 65km/h to 72km/h.

While 72km/h might seem alot on paper, remember the Leopard 1 can reach that and a bit more with just a turbo. 72km/h will ensure the Concept 5 can travel across the battlefield at a comfortable high-speed pace to change flanks and be dynamic.

Players can try and equip a turbo to increase it further, up to 78km/h, thus making it one of the fastest MEDIUMS available to players.

This now means the Concept 5 will comfortable accelerate to its new top speed of 72km/h whilst also having acess to increase wheel turning radius to better corner streets and potentially circle opposing tanks.

The objectives with these changes are to make the 15ton Concept 5 become more nimble and fast; this is due to the fact that most players that participated my survey found the Concept 5’s mobility to be frustrating.


The survey found players hating the concealment characteristcs of the Concept 5; im included as well, its base numbers are comparable to a heavy tank.
The upcoming MBT-B as well as the existing OBJ 780 heavy tanks have 7.24%, respectively 7.12% stationary camo values. The Concept 5 BARELY has more camo% than the upcoming fast well rounder and the HUGE OBJ 780 heavy tank.

Stationary camo% increased to 14.13% from 10.43% (3.7% increase)
Moving camo% increased to 11.61% from 7.81% (3.8% increase)
Staionary/Moving after firing camo% increased to 3.03%/2.36% respectively, from 2.18%/1.63%

By far the biggest downside of the Concept 5 is its concealment as evidenced by the mostly exceptional players which participated in my survey.
Changing to an an ACCEPTABLE level will ensure the Concept 5 can play as a proper sniper medium.

Summary of the changes

Alpha damage increased to 480 and 560 for HE, reload time decreased, achieving a new DPM of 2640. Maximum Wheel turning angle as well as traverse speed and ground resistances have been adjusted so the tank accelerates and handles better. Top speed increased to 72km/h, previously 65km/h; before you start shouting, tanks like the CS-63 and even the Leopard 1 itself can go at 75kmh with turbochargers and both are tracked tanks, the Concept 5 has wheels and doesn’t even accelerate all that fast. Concealment increased to 14.13%/11.61% from a measly 10.43%/7.81% that it had before. Even heavy tanks such as the OBJ 780 could rival its camo rating.

Final Thoughts

These changes will inevitably boost the Concept 5’s winrate to above 50% for the coming weeks (when buffed this majorly) and people will complain like crazy left right and center but the truth of the matter is that the winrate will stabilize somewhere between the 49% and 50% region.
People will explode this subreddit and social medias like they did before when the AMX m4 54 was buffed but this time it’ll only happen because people now have to deal with an opressive medium that can dictate the pace of the game (if played right) instead of just ignoring it; most mediums can carry games and dictate its pace, its just that the Concept 5 couldn’t. But i can already hear you say “But hey, with these changes, why should we play the Leopard 1 when the Concept 5 is so strong?” and to that i answer with these following points:
1) The Concept 5 will have less DPM than the Leopard 1
2) The Concept 5 will have significantly worse shell velocity and penetration.
3) The Concept 5 is as big as barn.
4) The Concept 5 can hardly brawl in situations where it needs to due to its massive size and relatively poor handling as well as low health pool.
5) The Concept 5 might hit hard but it’ll still loose in 1v1 situations against other mediums with higher dpm, opposed to the Leopard which might win in some situations.
6) Even after the mobility buffs, both the Concept 5 and the Leopard 1 might handle relatively the same; the buffs are not that big.
7) The so called armor difference you see on sites such as tanks.gg and in-game are non-existant, both tanks have no armor; the Leopard 1 might have better turret armor due to its massive gun-shield.

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