5 years and still dying inside

I’ve been playing this game for 5, nearly 6 years and I have got to say, I’m nearing the end of my sanity when it comes to this game. I’m by no means a great player, I excell greatly in certain tanks as opposed to others, however, I really dont want to keep farming the same tanks I’m already proficient in. I think we all understand that the grind in this game is ridiculously irritating to say the least. I’m currently at a 52% win/loss but it definitely does not feel that way. I get on most of the time to just collect the daily xp boost and nothing more because grinding is out of the question for me anymore. I feel like I dont win anywhere near half my games, just the last 2 days I’ve lost 3-6/7 games in a row, win one, rinse and repeat. If my team isnt being completely steam rolled then I usually manage to do my part. Having said that, my team is ALWAYS being steam rolled. Clearly the games MM is based on your tier but is it also based on skill level as well? And before you go and tell me I need to carry harder, this is a team based game. I see that on nearly every post about the matchmaking for this game, I cant take on the entire enemy team by myself. It’s hard enough to try and take on premium tanks 2 tires above me shooting gold rounds let alone several of them at the same time. Maybe if I empty my wallet on this free game rngesus will have mercy on my soul but other than that, I’m done. It’s just not fun to get absolutely destroyed 6 times to maybe, MAYBE, have one decent game. I cant be the only person to notice this or have an issue with it right?

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