6th Field Mod on Medium tanks

Heavy tanks – survivability + firepower / mobility

Medium tanks – mobility + scouting / survivability

Light tanks – scouting + mobility / firepower

Tank destroyers – firepower + scouting / survivability

Arty – firepower + scouting / survivability

Personally, I feel as though every other class (except maybe arty but who gives a shit) have pretty good options for their 6th field mod, except mediums. I do like to sometimes use hardening / coated optics on a tank, but if I want everything boosted, then I need to be running a mobility piece, hardening / coated optics / cvs (if you’re a QB fanboy), and then rammer, meaning I have to drop my v-stabs / improved aiming. I feel most medium tanks would be much more suited to having firepower somewhere in there. Every other class gets a firepower option somewhere except mediums.

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