8 months after mouse smash quit!

So, in order to make it in context, I’ll post the original post here – not sure if it is a beter way to reffer it – https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/xsa19p/sometimes_wot_is_frustrating/

8 months ago I posted the mouse smashing aftermath -couple of REALLY bad WOT days- but that wasn’t the issue. Not (only) Wot, was the problem, I was facing some other frustrating issues and that was just the drop that filled the coup, but it was such a good drop for me.

To be completley honest, that mouse had some accidental drops from the desk and it was allready cracked, but the rage was there.

I managed to fix both issues! Fixed the work issues, and quit WOT 🙂

Looking back now, it was the best thing I did. Stopped sponsoring this game. They do not worth investing in, as they feed from player frustration, and they do so much harm, and THEY KNOW IT.

To all people out there, that may have issues or unusual anger epissodes:

Workout helpes, reading helps, quitting helps, and most important, do not hesitate to ask for proffesional help.

Stay safe, take care, and learn to say no (or quit).

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