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If you’re like most world of tanks players, you are probably grinding for credits on a pretty regular basis, either to afford that shiny new tank you’ve been wanting, or to fire gold rounds until your hearts content, already saving for the next black market, or just enjoy hoarding massive amounts of credits. This can be an exceptionally grindy process for people, especially if you are free to play or even remotely new to the game. If any of these situations applies to you then 88MPH might be the perfect place for you!

88MPH is a clan dedicated to one thing only, and thats to print and run credit boosters. We use tour of duty to gather enough resources to upgrade our stronghold and to make credit boosters to run. So you don’t have to do anything at all except play the game as you normally would. There are no stat requirements whatsoever, as long as you play semi often (a few times a week or more) and play atleast some battles tier 6 and over to help complete tour of duty tasks that help contribute to the clan so we can all benefit from it.

You can be as active and involved as you like, or you can never speak a single word to us. Because in the end we just don’t care. Just play the game like you would normally and make some extra credits off of it!

Currently we are running 15% and 20% credit boosters every night from 6PM PST- 10PM PST guaranteed. If there are more than a few members on at any given time we will activate boosters outside of the designated happy hour times. As the clan grows and we get more members we will continue to upgrade our financial center for better boosters, and run the credit boosters more and more often.

The ultimate goal of our clan is to be able to run credit boosters 24/7 day and night. If you like to make credits and want to help us reach our goal at the same time feel free to apply! If you have any questions feel free to send a message to bazooca123, wienerschnitzeI, or DonnyWasASurfer. Happy credit making!

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