8k bonds and 300 gold is Enough to get Yourself a tier 8 Premium Light Tank.

Whether this is worth 8k bonds is up to you, for a lot of people it wouldn’t be. However, if you have these resources lying around and especially if you’re F2P and want to get alternative options for premium tanks, with the current trade-in, this method is fairly viable.

With 8k bonds, you’re able to get yourself an Alpine Tiger from the bond store. Despite its relatively lacking performance, it’s for some reason, one of the most expensive tier 8 premiums in the game in terms of gold cost, shared with its non-skinned variant and only beaten out by the Lowe.


In effect, what this means, is that in terms of a trade in, this tank is worth 5500 gold.


Given that all tier 8 premium light tanks are worth 5800 gold in the tech tree shop, that effectively means that you only have to pay 300 gold in order to obtain something like say, a HWK 30 or especially an ELC Even 90.

It’s not to say that this method isn’t cheap, or is even actually worthwhile for a lot of people, 8k bonds is far from a cheap investment especially when you can get better tanks/items with that amount. But with that being said, it’s a method that basically requires no real world money, and if you’re willing to foot the 8k bond bill, it basically makes the Alpine Tiger the most worthwhile tank you can buy for use in trade-ins.

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