A bit of a T30 rant

So recently I got myself the T30, i have maxed it out and played a fair bit… And I just have to say it’s probably the most infuriating tank I have ever played.

Where to begin? I was told to play it like a heavy tank. That’s to some extent true, at least regarding places where to go, but otherwise it doesn’t work like one.

The armour. Was told the turret is good, just the hull is bad, and yes, the hull is awful, but the turret is not much better. It just seems that no matter what is shooting at me, it still pens. The roof can be overmatched with 120mm guns, and I’ve been penetrated in the cheeks muliple times, a few times even in the mantlet. Against equal tier tanks you don’t have armour, even in a perfect position. And the fact you’re about shitbarn sized is not helping.

The speed… Ugh. It’s slow as hell, I feel faster driving my super conqueror, despite having a bounty turbo on both. (The top speed is identical but power/weight ratio is better for the conq) this tank shouldn’t be as slow as it is when it doesn’t have armour.

The gun. The only redeeming thing about it, yet at the same time the worst thing about it. Slapping people for 750 is satisfying as hell, it also is prone to destroying ammo racks. However… Hitting anything with it is a chore. The dispersion doesn’t look bad at first glance (.34 with current setup), but god the bloom drives me mad. On top of that with the 2.6 sec of aim time it seems to take ages to aim, and even if you’re aimed, you have to pray to rng to hit the simplest of shots, it’s making me question if the rng is rigged. I have struggled to hit the weak spot of a tortoise from about 100m away.

And… That’s it for the rant really.

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