A journey trought self improving

I started to play WoT around 2 weeks to the end of the warhammer themed battlepass, so i consider myself still as a kinda new player. The beginnings were hard for me when i reached tier 8 with a first tank. Something like a hit with a pipe in the back of the head. One time i checked my overall wn8 and it was terrible. Around 600 or 700. Then i told myself, that this game won’t be for me just a time filler to casually hop in, grind some tanks and creds and move on to a other game. I took learning seriously. I am happy to see a change not only in overall stats, but in credit making, decisions making ,etc.

Today it looks like this. How was your journey to improving the stats, when started you to actually care about them. Have you any tips for a under a year player like me? Feel free to share I will appreciate it very much!


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