A lil talk about the “fun” in WoT

So im bored and i am going to write a long essay about how unfun WoT is , so grab the popcorns cause i have a whole day to type this thing out… First of all the general game itself Normally without events the game isnt fun itself, its the same procces over and over again.. Go into randoms to grind credits with a tier 8 tank and get stomped on by random cheiftains spamming gold, try to complete 5 wins daily mission then rage quit multiple times.. And if you are not credit grinding then you are probably grinding a certan tank or a tree, well in that case you are get stomped again by maxed 8k raiting players that watched every singe QB video.. If not random battles then you have Ranked which is its whole other story, but in a nutshell it’s basically the same as random battles without cheftian but instead broken tech tree tanks , the same core tanks, obj 140, Kranvang, Vz55, Obj 277, Ebr 105 and Strv all spamming Premium rounds.. Those are 2 primary game modes, now lets get talking about special events, lets cover the event that is currently here , Art of Strategy.. Its really great when bots dont randomly get acces to cheats and start hitting you in the weakspot from the other side of the map , and of course when they disobey your every order.. And not to mention how some ppl make it even worse by just flanking you with all of their tank and go strait into the cap, it happened to me more than i would like to admit, that causes me to place all of my defenses like flamethrowers into the cap just to be sure that if they try to do that maybe the flamethrower will catch them of guard and often enough that doesnt even work.. And lets talk about 2 events that literally hold the whole WoT community together and yet WG somehow managed to in a eay ruin those events , Im talking about Frontline and Steel Hunter.. Those 2 events are the reason i still have a little bit of hope in WoT and WG as a company.. lets talk about how they managed to frick it up. First lets start with Frontline and its most recent change, Its about tier IX tanks being available after you lost/captured one of 3 zones that separate Objectives from the zones I will give it to WG that they reverted the change after negative community feedback.. Still even without that change old frontline from 2-3 years ago was better because of its unique reward system that was rewarding but challenging… So back then rewards for playing frontline were much better, as far as i can remember they gave you crap ton of credits , talking in about 1mil a stage or something close to that, they also gave us equpment like vents , gun rammers ect. Now they only give is directives and some credits , directives cant compare to all of that equipment… The main reason you used to play Frontline was because of the certan reward only avalable to those who played it or Steel hunter It was 3 unique tanks that today we can get any season .. Char Futur 4 , Object 777 And AE Phase 1 Getting thoese was so much of an flex , like having Cheftian or something like that.. They were one of the best Tier 9s in the game , and i think the only premium tier 9s in that matter Other than T 55A which is to this day a campain tank. The best part wasnt that they were just lazy and said “screw it we wont players get all of tanks at once” so they made a long system during which the player can obtain only 2/3 tanks .And even tho we could only get 2/3 tanks they still made it that you cant just grind the whole day and only consume cheetos that day in order ti get them. So basically how this system works is that each day a new collum of rewards is unlocked , there were also stages .. Each stage consisted of 7 collums and each collum had its rewards , in order to get the rewards you must ofc play Frontline, which used to be way batter without proggeto 46 and Bourasque running around, its was just the og frontline .. everyone was rocking Lowe , Skorpion , FV4202 and other normal premiums.. Now back to the reward system , at end of every stage aka collum 7 was a token , you needed 7 or 9 tokens to buy a tank idk now was it 7 or 9 but either way you could only buy one single tank as there were only 7-9 stages (i just remembered there were 9 stages meaning 9 tokens) You may ask how on earth were we supposed to buy 2 tanks that bouth cost 9 tokes with just 9 tokens… There Steel Hunter comes into the play Back the Steel Hunter was fun and had actually rewards likr frontline , and not like now .. Now you only get battle pass point , which is total bs . Alright so Steel hunter was literally battle royale just with tank, you got to chose tanks before the battle starts and all of them had unique upgrades that made them special and broken AND fun at the same time But i will come back to that later , for now it had the same reward system as Frontline just in my opinion SH was way more fun since it was one of the most intense and exiting gamemodes ever made in WoT , i was happy the whole time it was out .. It was literally the reason i woke up at that point , just so i can play it… So back to the rewards , you can only get 9 tokens like in frontline and could buy one tank , meaning if players got AE Phase 1 and Char Futur 4 they would have to wait until it came back just to get the Object 777.. Thing that made SH that fun is the last gun upgrades and abilities, especially the infamous Autoloading Derp gun It was the first of its kind since Mirny 13 didn’t exist yet. It was so fun , and it was sadly removed due to some ppl bithi£g about it being to op .. Those players are Germany and Russian heavy main that had literally 0 mobilty and couldnt counter it.. other thing was abilities.. every tank had all of the abilities that used up once the player activated them, you could get them by collecting the crates .. So the way they runied them is by making them tank specific , for example you had to play the French light tank to get the seeking mine ability , that wasnt how it worked .. everyone used to have it no matter the tank.. also not to mention they just strait up removed the rewards .. Now none of the tanks ( Obj 777 , AE Phase 1 ect.) Weren’t exclusive to the frontline nor steel hunters They made the rewarda non existant and removed almost all of the good rewards out of the gamemode , not to mention the fun aspects Now those gamemodes are only used for battle pass grind and credit farm Nothing spcial Thats what kept all of the players exited for the next Frontline and SH , until then we had a lot of cool stuff to do. Now all of that is trown down the nostalgic WoT drain, which used to be way better than WoT today, i wish i could time travel and go play old wot … I miss it so much 🙁

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