A Long story

My dad and I have been playing this game since I was 7, I am 15 now. We had the same account for two or three years and we enjoyed this game so much, we always talked about it, it was a big part of my childhood. It was making me happy, and I thought my dad was also happy because of it. Everything was fine until my dad decided he is going to delete the account because he was addicted to the game and spent a lot of money on it. I was crying, I still remember the exact voice of my dad telling me that he deleted the game. It was like my dad has destroyed my favourite toy. A year after that I am almost forgot about the game, but the scar didn’t heal, then all of a sudden my dad reinstalled the game but with a new account, everything was gone. Me and my dad enjoyed the game for 2 years after that and I made countless good memories with him. But one day he deleted the account again, everything we done together was gone. This was traumatic for me. We didn’t play the game for 1 year after that when I also stopped thinking about it. And guess what – he reinstalled it again. The whole cyle repeated again for 2 times. I am now a little bit more grown up and I am more emotionally stable but even today it hurts me to see my dad enjoy the game with me and reinstall it again and then delete it. The thing is that this isn’t any special videogame, although it is very pay to win and addicting, but to my child brain it didn’t matter, for me it was my hoby and something to grow up with, the one or two year pause between new “phases of WoT” probably meant nothing to my middle aged dad, but to me it was like my whole life. Now I am scared to play this game, even on my own because I still have that fear of losing it again.

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