A message from your ‘camping’ casemate comrades

This is mainly addressed to the incompetent little 8-year-olds who have no actual knowledge of tankery, and got themselves killed, and the only remaining players just so happen to be casemates who were 100 meters behind you give or take.




Dear tanks with turrets (Hellcats, Jacksons, and Wolverines excluded),

I think I speak for all casemate players who have been accused of ‘camping’ when I say, fuck you and your big fancy turrets. As a frequent casemate player myself, I have been accused of such ridiculous things.

No, sitting in a treeline an extra 100 meters behind your team is not camping, it’s using a casemate the way that their creators intended it to be used.

A casemate very often does not turn fast enough to keep up with most light and medium tanks to avoid being flanked, and our guns were designed to be accurate in long-range engagements, and I know for a fact that half of you guys with turrets aren’t going to sit with us and protect our flanks all match.

Lightly armored casemates like the Nashorn wouldn’t last five seconds in a close-up engagement, and therefore should engage from long-range.

Casemates of larger calibers like the ISU-152 take time to reload, and in a close-up engagement you need firepower NOW.

So please, when you see a friendly casemate on the opposite side of the map, don’t accuse him of camping, call on him for sniper support. We can adjust positions to find a better line of sight if needed.

Sincerely, the casemate community (including a handful of Hellcats, Jacksons, and Wolverines)



The Hellcats, Jacksons, and Wolverines were the only turreted TDs that I knew off the top of my head, and they’re special cases in that the Hellcat has no armor, the Jackson can do what he wants, and the Wolverines may as well not have a turret with how slow it turns. Any other TDs with turrets are free to submit their own stories of being accused of ‘camping’.

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