A question, as a player with no real aim

Well, I guess “no real aim” is kind of untrue because I want to keep my average winrate above 50%, but that’s about it.

World of Tanks is one of my main hobbies, I regularly spend money on this game and while I strongly dislike certain aspects of WoT, it’s still a good game and worth investing time and money into.

That said, I never had any interest in competitive game modes (clans, Ranked) and that won’t change, so all I do now is what I’ve been doing the day I joine – play random battles.

Now for the question – should I give up on Tier 10 tanks for good?

The only thing I would get from them are some extra bonds, and that’s not incentive enough to bleed tens of thousands of credits per match. That said, bond premiums are another thing but I don’t see myself playing them much, they would be more like late game achievements.

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to ask. Please advise.

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