A question from a dude who demolished his economy

Hello all! I have recently returned to the game which i have 5k battles on. The first problem is that i do not have any tier X tanks. The closest to tier X is my IS3 that i bought when i returned because for some reason i had 3 mil credits. So a bit of buying and selling tanks later i now have 6 tanks in garage which are IS3, M10 RBFM, T-29 (tier 3 prem), SU-100, BT7 art and cromwell. I now lost the motivation to run is3 to is7 because i dont like heavies anymore. Since i got the primo victoria for 3 days rental i have concluded that medium tanks are better for my playstyle and i have seen that UK meds are good. So my question is: Should i sell my IS3 for 2 mil and then slap some equipment on my cromwell to grind it to centurion or should i keep it. The problem is that along with these 6 tanks i only have 120k credits so i am asking here what should i do? Thank you in advance!

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