a Revisit to my German double Barrelled Auto Cannon-Line

in the Overwhelming Fire game mode we had a look at the Flak-Maus, and i thought that was a wonderful tank; so bringing back my old TT proposal;

Flakpanzer VIII Maus – World of Tanks – tanks.gg

(link to old post: a proposal for the next double barrel tank line – Germany. : WorldofTanks (reddit.com)


imagine the AMX 50B, now make it slower, *slightly better hull armour, with a much quicker firing gu and you have this line:

these tanks would have high burst damage, but long burst times with decent reload, low damage, and terrible DPM (think 2500 for the T10) high velocity and mediocre pen, with lower than avg on the “smaller” top gun, they would have weak, Hesh-able but not quite He-able turrets with 4o gun depression at the most, but very high amounts of elevation, (60-90o) they would be decently fast with good hull armour, and better speeds then where their hulls came from, the camo would be the best of all the German Super heavies when moving or stationary but the worst when firing,

other info is that they would have great gun elevation speeds with the fastest turret traverse of the superheavies, it would still be poor, but alright, at 35o a sec

an idea i had for the T8-10 would be to increase the module damage of all shells in all guns incredibly, making them far more likely to damage tracks or the gun and to kill crew, as this would partially make up for their horrendous DPM and long burst time

the T8-10 would also very strong roofs, better armoured than any other part of the turret.

AND YES, i am fully aware the damage is far lower than any other tank in their tier, and much worse than anything of the same calibre, but for balances sake thats how they are and will remain to be to be “auto guns”

Tier 5: branching off of the T4 Medium PZ.IIIJ, would be the T5 Flak-Panzer III Fahrgestell 3.7cm, (or Flak-PZ.III.37 for short/Ostwind 1 PT) (lmedium)

Processing img pj8ths6lw4nb1…

this tank would be a smaller, slower Leopard, with a better gun, it would have the PZIII hull with a slightly better engine (25 stock and 50 maxed out more Horsepower) it would have two top gun options:

a similar gun to the leopard, (the 3cm) , but have slightly better pen and a longer reload (1.5 seconds longer clip reload ) – stats for gun: 18s, Damage = 30, shells in burst = 3, shells in clip = 4, would equal burst damage of 360, with 100mm of pen standard and 120mm premium, with a 55 dmg 50mm pen HE shell, it would have same inter-clip and inter burst as on the Leopard with similar dispersion.

the second gun would be a 2cm cannon with 5 shells, 3 shells in each burst, doing 30dmg, with less pen, but less dispersion, and less aim time, and the same DPM, (with a longer burst time)

other stats include turret, as it would have a large weak turret no thicker than 20mm on all sides,

link to tank encyclopedia 3.7 cm Flak 43 in Keksdose-Turm auf Panzerkampfwagen III Fahrgestell – Tank Encyclopedia (tanks-encyclopedia.com)

Tier 6: would be the Ostwind-II

carrying in the line is the Ostwind-II, (medium)

the T6

this tank would have the same hull as the PZ.IV, without side skirts, it would have more horsepower than the T5 PZIV by 100HP, as well as having more hitpoints, its turret would be paper,

and in regards to guns, they would not change from the T5, only difference is this tank has two of them, so a slightly slower version of its predecessor with more firepower.

Tier 7: the KugelBlitz (medium)

tank encyclopedia link: Leichte Flakpanzer IV 3 cm ‘Kugelblitz’ – Tank Encyclopedia (tanks-encyclopedia.com)

the T7

now deviating from the image provided by Tank Encyclopaedia, this tank would have “add-on” armour, being the same side skirts of the PZ IV.H, but it would also have a track spaced armour put on the front, thus creating a barrier to stop HE shells penetrating, the turret would also be thicker than its two preceding tanks, nothing amazing still pennable by almost everything, but rounded.

the engine on this tank would be 75 hp more than the Ostwind II but as it is heavier, it remains the same speed.

the two stock gun options would be the same as on the Ostwind-II, the two top guns,

but the top gun would be a 3cm (similar to reload, but faster intershell reload) with higher penetration and another two shells in the clip, (540 burst, if all shells pen) with a total burst time of 10 seconds, due to having two guns,

and the second gun would be a 5cm gun, with a 13 second reload and a 4-shell autoloader with 60 damage a shot, and 1 second inter shell. , the difference would be a significantly higher penetration and dispersion, but lower damage per burst (800)

Tier 8: The Flak-PZ.V auf Panther Fahrgestell 341 (or coelian for short) – (medium)

tank encyclopedia link: 3.7 cm Flakzwilling auf Panther Fahrgestell 341 – Tank Encyclopedia (tanks-encyclopedia.com)

the T8

this tank would be built on a panther 1 hull, with the 700 hp Panther II engine, it would have the same armour and tracks as the T7 with a same weight turret, (even though it has at thickest, a 45mm turret)

this tank would feature the same gun (the top gun) from the Kugel blitz as its stock gun option, with two new top guns and a third, “meme” gun”, the first being a twin 5cm, the same as on the Kugel blitz, with an extra shell in the magazine, (600 damage burst) it would also boost better penetration and shell velocity as well as better aim time, and dispersion, the second gun would be a twin 75mm cannon, following the trend from the last two tanks, this one would have much better penetration and dispersion with similar DPM and a shorter burst time, but overall less burst damage, firing 3 (6 in total) 95 dmg shots (570 burst)

Tier 9: the Flak-PZ.VI auf Konigstiger Fahrgestell 10.5cm (Flak.PZ.VI.105, or “weltraum”) – (heavy tank)

Hull –

T9 Heavy HULL

The Turret was researched and used from the most likely candidate, the 10.5cm german anti air turret on the Bismark class warship

photo REF 1 T9 TURRET

Photo ref 2

photo Ref 3

to be completely honest, this is a completely (but mayber possible) fake tank, that was never constructed, if you can figure out anything better please say so, i have no idea for the T9

its name comes from Weltraum – meaning space, as Coelian means heaven (IIRC),

this turret would be fairly well armoured, the first tank with a turret that has 100mm+ on the front, it would however have a open back, an obvious weakspot if u come up behind this tank,

this tank would use the 570 gun as its stock option, with three choices of main gun, the first being a much larger, faster twin 88mm with more shells, faster inter shell, and better pen/damage then the stock option, (950 dmg), but the second option or the ‘competitive option’ would be a twin 10.5mm, with 170 dmg a shell, it would have three shells in each gun (six total) for an avg of 1020 dmg a mag, with similar DPM to the 75mm, and the final option would be a significantly larger, clunkier gun with much more terrible aim time and dispersion than the other two, as it would be a double 128mm, the damage being 300dmg a shot with two shots in each gun (4 in total) for an avg damage of 1200, this would have a 3 second between shots, (1.5 between guns, taking 4.5 seconds to mag dump)

and the pinnacle of the tech tree,

The Tier 10: the Flak-PZ.E-100 12.8cm, (or the Alligator, for short)

now similar to the tank before this wasn’t “real” however there are plenty of models that fit the bill so im going to steal the best looking one,

The T10 Photo Ref 1

photo ref 2

photo ref 3

photo ref 4

this tank would have an interesting layout per say of the side skirts, with the front section and the rear section attached, and not the central section (as seen in ref 1,3 and 4, (looks like ref 2)

it would have a 150mm turret front, with a 200mm roof, and 100mm sides (50mm back)

it would have the same engine and tracks with a lighter turret by 5 tonnes (so better hp/t)

it would have two choices of guns, 10.5cm and a 12.8cm gun, the 10.5 would have 4 shells in each gun (8 total) with an average damage of 1600 damage, with 2 seconds inter shell (1s inter gun, making it 7 seconds to dump all 8 shells), these shells would have decent penetration at around 230 with 290 pen on APCR (premium) and 50mm on HE (avg damage of 250, = 2000 a clip)

the second gun (the 128mm) would do 395 damage a shot, (1580), this one would have slightly better pen and shell velocity, with longer aim time but less dispersion, it would have 4 second inter shell with 2s inter gun, making it 6 seconds to full dump the mag.

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