A very bad idea (potentially)

So… I think we can all agree that the 3D skins that WG puts out for WoT for the most part look great. People gamble hundreds of dollars every Christmas to get these skins and will not hesitate to buy them for cash on the store when available. However, I think that a way to do this a little better would be to take a page from War Thunder and add 3D elements to the exterior tab which would allow you to put stuff like machine guns, spotlights, camo nets, helmets, and other 3D elements onto your tank to make it a little more customizable. Now, this would be an extension of the exterior tab, there would be options to purchase bundles based on tech tree nationality in the store, but for the most part this would be for gold only. I also completely understand that in true WG fashion, this will probably be designed to squeeze as much cash out of the player base as possible, but I think if done right, this could be a good thing with some cool tanks coming out of it.

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