A way to get a more equal matchmaking

Currently we have various mismatched games due to tank selection. Like Obj 279e/Chieftain against 50B or rhm pzw against ebr105. We got Defender/Obj703 against 50 100 or 65t and ebr75 against M41bulldog and so on. This makes one team have a significant edge from the start due to the terrible balance of the game.

A different way to approach this would be to scrap the template matchmaker and instead create a tank weight base matchmaker (arty excluded and mirrored instead) Each tank of a certain tier gets a certain tank weight. A higher tiered tank have a higher tank weight.

For each game tank wins on a certain map it’s tank weight increases. If a tank loses, it’s tank weight decrease. For a draw, nothing happens. So tank that often end up winning gets their tank weight increased while tanks that end up losing get their tank weight decreased.

The matchmaker tries to create teams where both teams have an as close as possible tank weight.

Example: a tank that have won alot and thus gained tank weight will therefore either get teamed with tanks with a low tank weight. Or have an opposing tank which also have a higher tank weight. So Bourrasque and Progettos etc will either get teamed up with 50 100 or m41 bulldog or Pershings or get to play against other bourrasque, Progetto, Ebr75, obj703, Defenders etc.

This way, the games will, from a tank balance perspective, be way more balanced then now, and the huge imbalances between tanks that exist is mitigated a bit and less important. We also shift focus back a bit from the tank picking phase to the in game decision phase.

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