A46 3 MoE – I hate my life sometimes…

A46 3 MoE - I hate my life sometimes...


A46 – The crappy little free light that apparently can

Honestly this thing has a relatively insane 3 MoE requirement for how utterly bad it is – 1744 Combined which is approx ~350-400 higher than most tech tree T6 LTs

Good points about the tank is ermm…WASD makes it move and the gun goes pew

Bad points…Have you played it? Literally everything – Poor acceleration / p/w (22) – Abysmal gun handling (0.43) – Low Pen (105mm AP) – Low Alpha (105 alpha) – Pretty low VR (370) – Meh camo (17% base)

20/10 do not recommend

Equipment – Vents/Optics/Binos*

*This is a rare occasion I’d recommend Binos on a light above T5 as its VR isn’t enough to get over 445 normally, its mobility is meh and its gun is so piss poor that helping DPM or gun handling makes pretty much 0 difference

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