About SteelHunter Challenge Rigging

First of all, I’m not a tin-foil hat guy. I know there’s been a bunch of talks and yt videos about rigging recently and I never encountered it in the random battles so far. Before the SH challenge started I was kind of expecting a fair game, but seeing that 20 minutes after the challenge started there was already a guy with 3 battles, avg dmg 12k and 10 kills and all 3 wins, made me question it.
The fact that most players on top of the leaderboard have very few battles, all with above 12k dmg 8 kills and win, on average, in their first streak of 10 games they played since the challenge started is not suspicious at all. Moreover, if you look at most of these top 20, top 30 players you see that they had a pretty bad win rate before the challenge started, so naturally, when the challenge for premium tanks and gold appeared, they became impeccable players with more than 60% win rate and it only took 10 battles! You don’t have to be a detective to see all the rigging that takes place, and it is really sad that WG is not doing anything to punish those cheaters.


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