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Hi folks,

I’m a quite a new player to WoT, but i try to learn from youtubevideos and other advices.

I started my Account at beginning of 2021 and got a T-44 and T29 as my highest tanks. I forgot to use an invitation link and i have zero premium tanks.

My thought was to use the referral programm to get the 112 or T26E5 as commander. For recruit i used an older Account which i didnt used after a few battles. But this “unused” Account already has the churchill III and Pz. Sfl. IC as Premium tanks.

I need an advice which account i should use after i complete the referral programm:

1) Commanderaccount:

~3.000 Bonds
T-44, T29 as highest tanks (dont want to go much further for some thousands of battles)
~ 1.500 Battles
~ 50.000 Free EXP
Some already good trained crews
Commandertoken for free Premiumtank


2) Recruiteraccount:

~1.500 bonds
No tanks > Tier 6
~500 battles
~25.000 Free EXP
No good Crews jet
Churchill III and Pz. Sfl. IC
Recruiter Token for free Premiumtank

I think it will be better to use the recruiteraccount as only account in the future. But i am unsure because of the time i spend on the commanderaccount already :/

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