Account got banned while I was gone for years

Today, after a 2+ year break from the game I tried to install and play the game again only to find out I got banned in those 2 years for rigging the matchmaking.
Now I have had login attempts on my account before for which I used a 2 factor authentication but im wondering now, is it possible that someone hacked my account to use it to rig matchmaking with?
Is this a problem that started occurring in the game?
I gotta admit that my password was lazy as well btw, I created my account in 2010 or 2011 when I was still young and the password was literally just a single word

I did appeal for an unban but I dont know what to do in the time im waiting
Literal thousends of euro’s we’re spent on that account and I’m quite anxious now that I’ll lose it, so instead I come here to see if theres anything people can tell me about it and to see if this is a more commonly occuring thing.

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