Account hacked, name changed and £300 worth of purchases made on associated card.

At the beginning of the week, I received a bunch of notifications from my bank, saying I’ve made purchases to WargamingEU, totalling £300, I checked my WoT account, which had the card attached to it that the purchases came from, but there were no recent purchases made from my account, odd, so I assumed it was a coincidence, and my card details had been stolen.

Contacted my bank, and had the purchases reversed, all sorted.

Today, my account name was changed! email, password, all other info, was still the same, so I changed the password, and reapplied 2FA (it was inactive for about a week while I got a new phone)

Everything appears sorted now, I’ve run multiple scans on all devices, changed all password, etc. But I’m still confused as to how the card associated with my WoT account was charged £300, over multiple transactions, and there be absolutely NO invoices/evidence of the purchases on the account.

Is this just a big coincidence?

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