Account migrated to russia + Used my Debit card Fraud

Hello, this has never happened to me on any game so i am a little confused how it happened here. I woke up to an email about my account being successfulled transferred to a russian Email address plus i recieved transaction charges against my debit card via Wargaming. (Its not phishing, its all live on my bank). I am super super meticulous, i havent been phished and i havent been social engineered.

Is there a leak somewhere in the game or another round of data breaches anyone knows about??

Any information would be so so greatly appreciated! THankyou

— My password wasnt changed, my stuff is still intact (it looks like), my stuff wasnt spent.

It looks like they just migrated the account (according to the legit email, it is legit, theres nothing to click and i did it safely – it is from no-reply wargaming email, it is informative but no links are contained etc etc). Used it to purchase gold/items for an account of some sort and thats it. Ive changed my password (impossible to guess the first time, fuck knows)

I forgot to have 2FA enabled (i always have it on for everything else, that part is entirely my fault) but please, i am totally confused

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