Ace Badge in shitty Panther II

Ok, it’s not shitty. It’s a great tank from the past I love. I used to play this tank and being inexperienced tomato. I’m still tomato but with an ace badge. It has setup made of scraps what’s left in depot, but it works good. Trying to 2nd mark it and to make it on the list. 77.3% is current ratio for 2nd mark. I will feed this baby with chocolate and gold ammo until I reach it.

Here’s a replay if anyone is interested. There is one little important advice for this south side in the beginning of battle.

I had bounty optics, improved turbo and bounty rammer upgraded before, but then I took it all. It really boils down to personal preferences and play-style, but of course, as long as you are reasonable. Improved aiming is my favorite equipment now. Improved turbo it had before didn’t made it much faster.

Even crew sucks. I don’t remember what I done with its original crew.

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