Advice for which line to grind – new player

Hello, so as the title says, id like some help deciding which lines to grind. First tho, I should say I’m not exactly a new player. I have played WoTB for 9 years, and I am skilled at it. So high skill tanks won’t be an issue for me, as I don’t need to learn mechanics and such. I’m aware WoT is a different beast than Blitz, but most of my hard skills should still carry over.

So my play style generally revolves around flexibility/mobility, and I like to pay high skill ceiling/unique tanks. Considering this, I’ve narrowed my selection down to a few tanks.

For mediums, I am really open to almost all of them, but tanks with 5° gun dep I’ll be reluctant to play. I will say the CS-63 and UDES caught my eye.

For heavies, I’m really considering the rhinoceronte. It seems mobile and has usable armor, and a high skill ceiling with the autoreloader. I’m unfamiliar with the meta tho so idk if it’s a good option. It’s a unique tank that seems rewarding

For TDs I’m looking at the HoRi or strv. I’m not much of a TD player (I usually a medium tank player) tho, so I’m open to advice.

For lights I’m considering the Rheinmetall or sherry with the 105. I think a damage dealing light tank will be fun and rewarding. I don’t think I’ll find sitting in a bush for 7 minutes exciting

For SPGs, id rather forget they exist.

Keep in mind I’m asking because I’m unfamiliar with the maps, meta, tank balance, etc, but I do know all the basic mechanics like the back of my hand. I suspect my lack of map knowledge is going to kill me a lot, but I’ll learn them eventually. I’m also unfamiliar with how hard grinding on WoT is with a new f2p account (or only 1 premium). My gut tells me that stock grinding in +-2 mm will suck

So what do you guys think? I’m considering only grinding 3 lines max. I’d probably go with a heavy, light, and medium, then leave the TD for another day

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