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I’m looking for a little advice. I’m currently playing the 140, udes 15/16 and leopard. Most of my game history has been playing drunk winding down after work. I’ve been playing more sober lately and improving my performance. Primarily playing on HK from Australia, so having to deal with 135-200 ms lag. Current approaches are:

Leopard – light TD, occasional spotter when no LTs on team (previously played only drunk and as a brawler, so badly)

The tank is now giving me around 3-5k combined most games, with my win rate slowly increasing for that tank. I’m finding it too squishy to do more than spot, back up and shoot from max view range. I can carry a game sometimes, but quite hard to do so for me. Is my approach the right one? Light TD doesn’t feel like a medium to me.

140 – mid range support, late game brawler

I can tip the balance in this tank, but I regularly run into the heaviums that seem to be comfortably as fast or faster than me and I need to be on their sides to have real effect. The gun doesn’t handle well for me and it takes too long to get an accurate shot on something I can pen. Suggestions?

Udes – ridge line and sneaky shots from cammo

Not sure how to make this tank reliable. I’m struggling to get consistently 2.5k damage, but getting a fair amount of assist. My son tells me that this is a great tank, but not sure how to get it consistent. This is the only tank I’ve actually felt the need to watch more than a few guides on as I can’t get it to “feel” right. Ridge poke and shoot is straight forward (with bonus trolly bounces), but on flatter maps I get wrecked or am too far away to reliably get hits. Do I just need to “get gud” or am I missing something key?

I’m not a great player, recent win8 is down to 1650 as I’ve played drunk a few times doing the christmas chores (missions). Completing some of the missions has involved playing dumb to get the missions dumb (seriously, bounce missions?)

I’m going to work down Polish and Italian lines next. Currently have stb-1 and e50m unlocked. With the AX, b-c 25 t, and 121b in the garage

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