Advice wanted: getting back into the game after 2+ years

My dearest bots,

I’ve been thinking about getting back into WoT after 2 years of inactivity and was wondering what you guys can tell me about the current state of the game? Any interesting changes? What’s the meta like, how is WG doing their money grabbing there atm, what’s the hot new tank line (I used to play mostly meds and lights)? Is the meta still very much based on corridor maps where heavies slug it out and everyone else twiddles their thumbs most of the time?

Basically, is WoT in a better place now than it was back then? I switched to WoWs for the past years and there it seems to be going more and more the wrong way over there. More aggressive monetization, community being ignored, massive grinds for meagre rewards. I still enjoy that game but I’ve just about had it with the mobile game shenanigans they’ve been pulling of late.

Anyways, looking forward to some of your takes on the current state 🙂

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