After 3000 games, here’s 5 things I’ve learned

Ignore The Mini Map – It just gets in the way and is distracting. I can see the tanks that are spotted, who cares where they were 5 minutes ago. Protect That Flank! – See that flank over there that’s undefended? Be a team player and get your ass over there. Push as far as you can because your team needs you. Your TD’s on the other side of the map will rush to your rescue, you can count on that. Your Base is not a Priority – It’s protected by those square things. No need to go back to help out. Just Go for It – When you really don’t know what to do in a tense situation, don’t panic. Just close your eyes and press W. When the smoke clears you’ll find that the distraction you created has enabled your team to win the day. Find a Position Where You Can See – Avoid bushes and rocks and other shit that blocks your vision. Get eyes on that target soldier! One he’s in your crosshairs fire until he’s dead.

HTH. Keep on tanking commanders!

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