After 9 years I finally realized how amazing light tanks can be. Any non-reward tanks similar to t-50-2 or super Chaffee playstyle?

I loved those two tanks and how much I was able to influence the battle especially early and late game. I played those tanks since I came back and saw them as rewards and I am blown away. Chaffee for the good mobility (with turbocharger) and alpha while t-50-2 for its small profile, speed and dpm. I had unbelievable games with both those tanks which I wish I had recorded. Point is I started the LT noob recommended Russian line and I am so disappointed with the BT-7 and a-20 crappy penetration even from the rear of some tanks. Felt like the t-50-2 does not represent that line. Any recommendations or tips for other lines? here is my last game super chaffee – Imgur.

TLDR: any LT line/tanks with similar playstyle to either super chaffee or t-50-2?

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