After today, I understand why there are so many bots

I generally like the tech tree and module kind of style of WoT, but it’s just depressing to play older tanks. Having to grind exp with a tier 7 gun (~60k exp for tier 9 gun) as a tier 9 medium Wargaming can’t be serious. With over 30 games into my T-54 and way more to go (I already got the turret for free exp) i just hate this experience more and more for every game I play. I even bounce at tier 7s from time to time and only if i ever get a tier 7 game, is this reasonable? Should this be allowed in high tier? I know how to play meds pretty well and it’s very seldom that I survive end even more seldom that I win a game with this illness of abandonment of all the old tanks…

Long story short, I can partially understand the increasing number of bot accouts with this grinding system that isn’t fun at all.

I hope Wargaming does something about their game in the near future, they should at least think about reasons for people to let bots play for them instead of “enjoying” the game themselves.

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