Alpine tiger ‘for free’ mission-is it a scam? Feels even less attainable than tier 8 marathons.

Not sure about other servers but in the asia server theres now a mission for 15k raw dmg done in 5 consecutive battles to get the alpine tiger for free. Catch is you have to pay gold to testdrive it, its about 100 gold for 5 games and technically you can try for as long as you want by keep paying gold.

The first 2 battles I did okay with 3k dmg and 5k each, but the next three battles is nothing but tier 8 and tier 9s and the alpine tiger’s 250 prem pen and 196 standard pen is absolutely useless, its hard to play on the medium line as well with dogshite accuracy and 5 degrees of gun depression.

I just had a look and across all servers, Alpine tiger’s 3 mark requirement is under or around 3k and that is combined dmg/spot while this mission requires you to hit 3k raw dmg per game for 5 games straight. Would you guys say this is essentially a scam to make people pay gold since I dont think this is attainable for 99.5% of wot players.

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