I don’t know what I was thinking or doing, it’s been a long day, I just got home from work knowing I needed another 1,000 xp to unlock my next tank and boy did I mess up..

I’m currently grinding out the AMX M4 54 line. I had about 1,000 xp left on the tier 7 AMX M4 45 till I could research the next tank. I had already planned ahead that I was going to skip the tier 8 and go straight to tier 9 using gold to convert my premium xp into free xp. I researched the tier 8 and went straight to converting my xp over for the tier 9. Researched the tier 9 and purchased it, I researched the gun and tracks aswell. Went to garage to view it and that was when I realized that I had researched the AMX 50 120… again please don’t judge me, it’s been a long day and I was excited to get the tier 9 I wanted. I’m really not sure how I didn’t notice what I was doing.

I submitted a request to wargaming asking if there is anyway to revert what I just did as I have no interest in playing this line, nor do I want to be out the 7-8k gold I spent converting my xp over. I’ve heard they can take days to respond, I haven’t played the game at all since this has happened as I don’t know if they can roll back my account to before this happened. I also have the next couple days off and was looking forward to playing the game, but now I don’t know if I can until they answer.

Am I SOL? Or do you think they can help me out?

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