Am I the A-hole?

So I went to Malinovka in a wheeled light, and went to a bush. A few moments later a regular light tank rolls up and starts cussing me in the chat, saying something to the effect of “fuck off dude you’ve got the mobility” and proceeds to park right behind me so that I’ll take any shots that go toward him. So I’ve seen it happen several times before, people will get spotted and then purposely park behind me so I’ll get hit. So I move out of the way, came back and gave him a ram just to make him pay for being rude out of nowhere. Yes it’s true that I have the mobility, but I wanted to make a couple initial spots before moving to another position, I mean I was only there a short bit. So he starts screaming at everyone to report me and telling me to enjoy my ban and no one really pays any heed to what he did. So, how long am I getting banned for WG? I’m sorry I rammed him, I should have just helplessly let him hog that position and ran away with my tail tucked, but I just don’t like bullies and acted once on impulse. Also, this is my first physics incident in at least 3 months. The last one, a dude rammed me out of the way and all I did was ram him back, and I got in trouble. It seems they never do anything to the instigator.

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