Am I the only one not enjoying the EBRs?

Just hear me out, please. They are great fun driving around on open maps. But there are not many of those. And when you are not on an open map the turning mechanism is really clunky… It is difficult compared to a light tank to maneuver in tight places, and I always find myself wishing for a tracked light in these situations. Not to mention the tier 8 premium is blind as a bat… (Primer for this post: last evening I got Cliff. I climbed the mountain (barely able to keep to the narrow track when I had to turn hard), denied it to the Lynx 6×6, which was nice, but then I could just not spot anyone. So I ended up taking pot-shots where I could and then did a dash to arty when the enemy whittled down enough. Definitely helped less the team than in an AMX-13 or LT-100.)

Am I doing something wrong here?

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