Am i the only one that expierienced a day full of rng and rigged games?

Although yesterday was a whopping 80% winrate something felt extremely fishy yesterday. My friend and I felt like our tanks are made out of ammoracks and filled with fuel. Burned to death 3 times in a row with my maus (lit on fire with no previous damaged modules) and after that i got oneshot ammoracked by a full yoloing bourasque. After that i thought maybe i should not touch my maus today and proceeded to play with leopard 1. In game 1 i got my turret blown of by a shot on our light tank that somehow magicaly found the way in my ammorack 2nd game after dealing 5k damage on prokorovka while staying full hp the enemy leo oneshot ammoracked me. He was driving away and looped his shell throu the gap of the railway while i was backing of after i took a shot at him. I usually don’t think that games are rigged but after the next game with the sp114 where i oneshot amoracked 2 is-7 i got veeeeery curious. Sory for long “post”.

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